Primy believes in making excellent office furniture products that stand the test of time. The Warranty provides 5 years of warranty protection on new products purchased from Primy, except in certain instances, as indicated in our full policy. All warranty periods begin from the date of delivery.

Need to file a warranty claim? Connect directly with our support team via email, showing us the problem and we'll get back to you with a proposed solution! The content needs to have several points as below:

  • Record

          You need to send us a picture of the defective part of the products.

  • Submit

          The person best suited to help will respond ASAP.

The warranty

Our furniture is designed and manufactured to the highest standards, but things happen. We’ll happily replace furniture which malfunctions. Some of our furniture is covered for 5 years, or nearly twice the length of a typical office lease.

What’s not covered by the warranty

Damage caused by any non-standard office activities;
Discoloration of materials caused by stains, soiling, inks, or dyes;
Surface color changes or bruises caused by light/sunlight exposure, heat exposure, or aging;
Failure resulting from normal wear and tear;
Textile pilling;
Natural wood grain variations;
Damage caused by writing instruments or sharp objects;
Damage caused by loading furniture above its weight capacity;
Items exposed to non-office environments (e.g. warehouse or outdoor exposure).