About Primy

If someone said that we spend almost half of our time in bed, no one would doubt that, after all, sleep takes up a large part of our lives. But if someone said that people spend a third of their time in a chair, would you believe it? believe it! No matter what work, rest, dinner party, or chat, we are inseparable from the chair. So it's important to select the right chair for you because it will spend a third of your life with you.

Primy always starts from the perspective of combining user practicality and ergonomics integrating aesthetic design principles, using its own team advantages to develop high-quality products, and jointly explore the true meaning of life!



High-Quality Office Chairs

A great design is meaningless if the final product isn’t made from the right materials. We honor all our designs with the highest quality materials that fulfill our strict criteria. We look for three things when we source materials: unwavering durability, the ability to create a comfortable user experience and affordability for the end-user.


Reasonable Price

On our side, as we own our factories and work closely with engineers, we are able to ensure that our products meet our high standards and reasonable price. Then we prioritized a simple, adaptable product lineup over endless customizations. It all helps save you up to 50% compared to office furniture of comparable quality.


Ergonomic Office Chair

We Design. We Make Models. We Build Prototypes.

It's not often that a simple, clever design comes along that is as fun as it is effective. That's what we did in Primy office chairs. we encourage users to interact with their chairs.

Our Reviews

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