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Chair tilting on the right

Seems like something is broken.

Executive High-Back Ergonomic Leather Office Chair with Footrest SDA003

Excellent support for your back and hips.

I needed a new office chair so bad and this one is perfect for my needs. It has excellent lumbar support and for your hips. The chair also reclines and has full rotation. It also has adjustable arms and adjustable height to the seat. Very easy to put together and looks great when completed. Best of all is the mesh that keeps your body cool and breathable and so very comfortable to sit in. Excellent chair for comfort!

very uncomfortable for me.

for me this chair is really uncomfortable. i think however it has to do with my height. i'm 6'4" and sitting in this chair my middle thigh is on the edge of the seat and after a bit it starts to hurt. 2nd the lumbar part literally prevents me from sitting back into the chair. last thing i disliked is the material feel. it's quite rough. i have another chair with a mesh material that is way softer. i do like the look. my granddaughter tryed and liked it. she didn't have the same issues i did. however she's 5'7". decent weight limit on the piston. should hold up well over time. overall it's not a bad chair and i can't knock stars off for it just not fitting me. it's really easy to assemble. everything was packaged well and nothing was missing. recommend - yeah. if it fits you great. it just doesn't work for me.

Brightening Up Study Time - A Cozy Seat for Growing Minds

We recently got the Razzor Office Chair in blue for our boys' under-the-bed desk setup. It's added an element of comfort and function to their study area, not to mention a pop of color!
The breathable mesh fabric should keep the boys cool and sweat-free during long homework sessions. Plus, the cushion is comfortable yet firm enough to retain its shape. What's more, the chair comes with flip-up armrests. These padded supports can be adjusted to suit personal preference, and they fold up nicely to allow the chair to slide under the desk, maximizing space in the room. The chair's flexibility is impressive, too. Whether the boys are reading, writing, or even gaming, this chair adapts to their needs, making it a versatile choice for different activities.
Assembling the chair was a bit of an adventure, taking slightly longer than expected, mainly because both boys were eager to help. It was a fun little project that added to our family bonding time. In a nutshell, the Razzor Office Chair has been a great addition to our boys' room. It's functional, comfortable, and brings a vibrant splash of blue to their study nook.

Supportive, Comfortable, Rolls Easily, Lumber Support, Great Quality Chair!!

This Razzor Office Chair is outstanding. The seat is very comfortable and the separate lumbar support helps my posture. My arms are long and I really like the adjustable arms on the chair that allow my arms to also be supported as I work in my office. The seat is supportive and soft at the same time and very comfortable. The chair’s up and down adjustment works fine and covers a good area so that my legs don’t feel confined to one space. Assembly was a challenge and took a bit of time but that is mostly due to my inability to follow directions correctly. The instructions were very good. The rollers are very smooth and overall I am delighted to own this chair. If you need a comfortable office chair, I do recommend giving this Razzor Office Chair a try. I don’t think you will be disappointed.

Great chair!

Very comfortable and is just what I needed while working from home.

It’s a lifesaver

This chair is easy to assemble and feels very sturdy. It’s really supportive and has improved my ability to work at my desk for longer times. For me having a comfortable chair is imperative after having 4 spinal surgeries. It often takes me a few days to find comfort in a new chair but this one fit me like a glove from day 1.

Comfortable & Stylish Office Chair

This is a review of Razzor Office Chair, in pink. The size is 2202. The ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number) is B0C3B7TF9W.
The chair was so well protected that it took about 10 minutes to unwrap all the parts, and another 40 minutes to put everything together. The illustrated user guide was very helpful, and all the screws were numbered and sealed in individual pouches. Side Note: I needed to use a hammer and a small block of wood in order to press the casters into place. The website has a few helpful installation videos.
The chair is being used in my wife’s office/guest room. The warm pink color adds brightness to the room. The chair rolls smoothly, and adjusting the height is easy. The armrests move without any stiffness. She especially appreciates the lumbar support. Her only negative comment is that the seat cushion is a little stiff.
Razzor provides 1-year warranty.

Comfortable, Sturdy Chair with Standard Office Chair Features and a Bold New Look

This is a unique chair, the bright colors liven up a room. We got the light blue and white model which stands out against the typical gray or black office chairs.

The chair was easy to assemble, all of the parts are well packaged and protected. The instructions are clear and easy to follow. The only tool necessary was the Allen (hex) wrench which was included in the fasteners package. The fastener package also contained extra fasteners and caps in case one gets lost or damaged.

I made a mistake of installing the seat mounting plate backwards the first time and noticed the recline feature would not work. After I put the mounting plate on the correct way it worked fine. (Pay attention to the orientation of the plate in the instructions and look at the markings that say "FRONT" on the mounting plate) If the lever is on the right side of the chair when you are sitting in it, you have installed the plate correctly. If the lever is on your left, you have it backwards.

The chair features a full 360 degree rotation, about a 3.5 inch vertical lift and recline function. A tension knob allows you to adjust the stiffness of the recline function, pushing in the lever will disable reclining, pulling the lever out will enable it. The arm rests are padded and rotate up to 90 degrees so they can be positioned out of the way enabling easier exit and entry.

The fabric covering is a little different than some other office chairs too, (besides the vibrant colors) It is soft, yet it feels a little rougher when rubbed since it is a mesh. As mentioned in the description this seems designed to help get better airflow through the fabric and to the padding which should help reduce heat buildup and sweating.

An office chair that looks good and is comfortable!

I love this office chair! This sleek, modern chair is lightweight but sturdy. I’m 5’4” tall, 117 pounds and this chair is perfect for me. It rolls freely so I’m not struggling to move it and the height is easy to adjust. I wanted a chair with arms that folded up so it could be tucked close to my desk and out of the way. The cushioned, foldable arms are covered with soft ribbed fabric. This same fabric is on the seat, back and lumbar support. My partner easily assembled it by himself. Overall, an excellent office chair that’s well made and very comfortable.

Really solid, heavily built chair

The materials used in the legs and frame of this chair seem like they would be really durable. The fabric also seems like it will be at least somewhat durable. The chair has the normal arm that sticks out to raise and lower the chair, and it works very well. The chair also reclines. The same armature controls whether the chair will recline or not. If you pull the armature out, it will recline. If you push it in, it will lock the seat back and will not recline.
As far as comfort goes, it seems pretty comfortable. I like the lumbar support. The seat seems a little firm to me, but not overly so. I have had the same chair for a very long time, and it is soft. It will probably just take a little transition period to get used to it.
As far as assembly, this came with much better than average directions, at least in comparison to what you normally get for items that need assembly. I disagree with the time they list for assembly. They say 15-25 minutes. I am relatively handy, and I say it may more accurately approach an hour. All of the screws and other parts for assembly come separate on a blister pack card. Each item is coded and is easily referenced from the directions. They also give you some spare parts. The combination of directions and separated, easily identified parts is in particular well above average.
It is a nice chair, came well packaged, and contained everything it should. Assembled, it is a very solid, stable chair. I am happy with it.

Easy to put together

I absolutely love the colors of this chair - not a common color combination. It was easy to put together - took about 20 minutes once it was unwrapped. I like that the seat cushion is wide and that the armrests are movable. It only locks in either the 90 degree position or the 45 degree position for the recline, but I intend to leave it unlocked so it can rock slightly. The cushion is very comfortable and the height adjusts easily.

Great vaalue

This chair provides great lumbar support (for those of us with bad backs). The mesh breathes comfortably while still providing sufficient support. The tilt/up/down functions are smooth and the controls are easy to reach. Best of all, the arm rests fold up so that I can use it at several different desks with varying height - if the arms get in the way, I just fold them up and keep going.


Easy to put together, instructions are easy to follow, the arms can be up or down which is a nice feature. The seat actually has a decent cushion on it, and you get lumbar support for your back. The back piece also is a breathable material which is really nice if you'll be sitting awhile. Overall super happy with this chair!

Easy to assemble and comfortable

This chair was packaged very well so all pieces were delivered in good shape. The assembly instructions were easy to follow and it came with all the necessary hardware and tools. The entire chair took me about 25 minutes to put together. The chair is sturdy and supportive but also breathable. The fact that the arms fold up makes it fit under my daughters desk so much better leaving more space in her room for activities. I have even found her sitting in this chair watching TV rather than on her bed because it is so comfortable and easy to adjust in different positions. Lastly, the white and mint green color accents her room nicely without being an overpowering black. Definitely believe this chair is a good value for the money and seems like it will hold up to the rigors of kids.

Easy to assemble and wide, cushiony seat!

This chair was labeled nicely to make assembly easy and quick! It included an allan drive wrench and labeled screws and screw covers. I think it took me about 15-20 minutes to assemble.

I "test drove" it by plopping down in the chair, spinnning it around, and wheeling it around the hardwood floor. Additional testing included moving the chair seat up and down and reclining it. It is limited with it's reclining capabiliites and it can only be locked in place at a 90 degree angle. It is ergonomical though and provides great comfort when sitting at the computer for long periods of time.

I wasn't sure about the white/gray combination when I ordered it, but after assembling it and using it in my home office space I like the color combo!


really nice chair, easay o put together, looks great, and very comfortable. i spend a lot of time in my office and this was a definite upgrade to my 10 year old ergonomic chair. very happy with it

Good office chair good lumbar support

Pretty good chair! It's nothing super fancy, but it is sturdy and stylish. I have a bad back, lumbar issues, and this chair has good lumbar support. I wish it had some kind of neck support, and the back isn't very high, but that's something you see in much higher end office chairs, that tend to be expensive.

Assembly was very straightforward. The instructions were good and the package with the hardware was well labeled. The assembly was a 1 man job, and though there was a part where I had to join the back to the arms where I wish I had someone to help, I got it done solo.

The casters roll well, and it leans enough that I can relax a little. Good chair!

Good Home Office Chair

My wife spent most of her days at work in front of a computer. Her long hours of sitting took a toll on her body, causing her to experience discomfort in her back and hips. A week ago I decided it was time to invest in a new chair that would provide her comfort and support throughout her long workdays. She stumbled upon a chair that caught her eye - the Breathable and Comfy ergonomic chair. The chair was made of stretchy mesh fabric that would keep her sweat-free, and it had a high-resilience sponge cushion that prevented pressure on her hips. The chair had 90° flip-up armrests that she could fold up or down. The padded armrests relieved discomfort in her elbows, and she could push the swivel chair under her desk to save space.

The Breathable and Comfy ergonomic chair provided her with the comfort and support she needed to focus on her work.

Attractive, comfortable chair

This is a really nice looking and comfortable desk chair. The arms flip up when you don't want to use them, and the lumbar support is very comfortable. The casters are good quality, and the upholstery is very nice. Recommended.

Super nice chair!

I really like this chair! Not only is the style nice-looking, but it has the best lumbar support I have ever experienced with an office chair. It sits comfortably and the material is nice and durable feeling. The arms move up and down, and the chair does, too. It took about 30 minutes to assemble, and the instructions were very clear. The hardware was easily identifiable via the instructions. Overall, I am so happy with this chair and how it looks and feels! I would recommend to anyone wanting a nice chair with great lumbar support!


This chair is so beautiful and I love the lower back support. It's nice and was very easy to assemble. The wheel's roll nice and smooth. I'm short... so the height adjustment was very important to me. This chair feels like its gonna last years and years. Very good quality!

Great for those in need of lower-back support

This chair is really comfortable and supportive. It's got a breathable mesh that's really springy and conforms well to the back. It also has some of the most comfortable arm rests I've ever seen on a desk chair, which is nice because actually after long hours of work my elbows and arms sometimes become sore from leaning on the desk or chair. The overall quality of the chair is quite high.

It is especially supportive of the lower back. My wife has lumbar problems, and finds it really comfortable and helpful. However, as someone without any back problems, this chair can be a bit intense for me. While it's great for my wife, I actually think I'd struggle to use it for work. It's a bit like wearing arch support insoles if you don't have problems with your arches.